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Painted album cover for Ashes or Dust

Ashes or Dust

I'm launching into space
Drinking medicine
Meet me in the frosted solar air
I'll be the one in disrepair

With a tangled heart
And shaky knees
Well they can't stop me
From rising with the wind

The horizon is stained
From burn mark scars
And I'm tearing a hole at the seam
I'm running from yesterday's dream

And I'm casting my net
From an empty shore
I've been here before
In a never-ending scene

Now the sky's gone to ash
And the earth's turned the dust
Just like everything does
Yea like everything must
Well it's better than rust
To be ashes or dust
I suppose

Now the ashtray is cold
Like a fading starlight
Just holding onto a thread
Just waiting to be born again

We're all holding onto a thread
Yea we're waiting to be born again

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