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Painted album cover for Ashes or Dust


I threw my eyes into the sea
It was staring back at me
Ripples racing
It was hungry and chasing

Like it woke up from a dream
Am I a myth or mystery?
I could feel the resistance
Of the mountains in the distance

I lay silent as the moon
When I fell into a swoon
I could hear the angles singing
Their voices were ringing

Like an easy water stream
Or a mellow cello string
I could smell the candle burning
With the barren sky turning on me

Now the wind is waging war
It's fists are pounding at my door
Misery stained the glass
Hiding the pain as

The flames pass by
Escaping the lies
Sorrow painted plainly
In the broken lullabies

Now the magic is lost
For another empty cause
I am sober and suffering
Stifling with flaws

It's a fantasy brewing
But the destination's ruined
I am hungry and chasing
But the night is pale and replacing me

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