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Ashes or Dust

By Red Moon Rounder

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Southern Colorado’s Red Moon Rounder emerges from the pandemic with a new album aptly titled Ashes or Dust.


May 26, 2023



Colorado Springs, CO – Indie band Red Moon Rounder will release their new album, Ashes or Dust, on June 8, 2023. The album will be released on all major streaming platforms and will be available for purchase on CD and eventually vinyl.


Ashes or Dust is the band’s debut full length album and the first release since their self-titled ep in 2018. The album was recorded in the basement of lead singer/songwriter Justin O’Connell and features a new lineup and a fresh sound that is a soft departure from their previous work.


Worn down by the pandemic and with the recent departure of bandmates Quinn Bryant (bass) and Chris Telling (guitar), singer/songwriter Justin O’Connell was convinced Red Moon Rounder had played their last show. “I had been writing new music that I felt more connected to that didn’t necessarily fit the mold of what Red Moon Rounder had been,” explains O’Connell.


When Justin regrouped with drummer Blake Goodwin and violinist Tabitha Reule, they decided to explore the new songs and focus on the creative process. Eventually, Justin built out a recording space in his basement. “I wanted to have a space where we could just plug in, hit record and create and then be able to go back and listen to what we came up with”, says O’Connell. “After listening to the first session, I knew we were going to record an album.”


In April 2022, the band discovered multi-instrumentalist Bart Wachtler. “I asked Bart who some of his favorite artists were and he basically listed out some of my favorite artists…and the rest was history” says O’Connell. Bart admits that after hearing some of new song demos, he made it his mission to make sure he was going to be in this band.


Throughout the recording process, the quartet naturally formed a bond and a sound that fits in with indie icons such as The Lumineers, Wilco, Fleet Foxes and Lord Huron while also feeling unique and fresh. “It’s indie, folk, rock and americana with this ethereal western vibe” says O’Connell. “We feel like it is a melting pot of all of our favorite artists without trying to sound like anyone or anything in particular and we’ve already seen it connecting with audiences on a different level at live shows.”


Following their inaugural performance at the 2023 MeadowGrass Music Festival, the band will be celebrating with an album release show at Vultures on June 8 at 7pm. The show will feature Deirdre McCarthy as the opening act.


About Red Moon Rounder


Red Moon Rounder is an indie band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. The band was formed in 2018, and Ashes or Dust will be their first official release since their self-titled ep in 2018. The band has played extensively throughout Colorado from the corner booth of a small Irish pub to large festival stages, and they have shared the stage with artists such as Shane Smith and the Saints and Great American Taxi.


To learn more about Red Moon Rounder, buy tickets to the album release show and listen to the singles that have been released so far, visit



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